Planet Taco quote 2

Despite the distance from Mexico City, the northern borderlands were open to culinary globalization as diverse settlers transplanted their traditional foods. Silver mines were the most prominent connection with the wider world, and those who struck it rich imported luxury goods ranging from Asian spices to European wines. Meat was also readily available as the vast plains were converted to ranchland. Sheep grazed widely in the central highlands while cattle predominated along the coastal plains. European crops likewise fared between in the north than elsewhere in New Spain: wheat was less susceptible to fungus in the dry, irrigation-fed soils; grapes ripened in temperate valleys; and even olives grew in the Mediterranean climate of the California’s. (57)

I like this quote because of the comparison of the silver mine and striking it was like finding silver in barren food lands. I also like how this quote covers all the different goods from all over the world.I also like this quote because it talks about cushiness and food from around the world infiltrating into culture like Mexican food worlds into the United State’s culture.

One thought on “Planet Taco quote 2

  1. There’s also the connection between working people, working-class people, and the food they eat. This food was considered “low class” but then catches on as popular cuisine, even among rich folks who eat the stuff in secret sometimes.

    Great quote. It gives us a lot to think about with history, but also we can make some similar connections to mining areas and food in the USA, for example, food that comes from the mining areas of Kentucky for example.


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