A review of the Taco Bell Quesalupa

I did it, yes I did. Last night after leaving the library, I was hungry. As I exited our the large doors of the Willy T library, I saw Taco Bell’s neon lights beckoning me. I ordered the Quesalupa after seeing the ad hanging inside (ad is the first picture below). I agreed, I was a cheese lover and had to get the cheese filled shell.


I really did enjoy this! The cheese inside the shell was a nice surprise and complimented the filling as well!

Quesalupa angle 2

2 thoughts on “A review of the Taco Bell Quesalupa

  1. So there it is, one can enjoy fine tacos and the Bell. I think Evelyn put it well in class when she said that she had strong emotions connected to Taco Bell, and I think that’s true, food and emotion do go together. And in this post, it sounds like you found some contentment with this taco. Ah, that’s a beautiful thing. Tacos always bring me solace, even Taco Bell ones.


  2. Taco bell has always been a personal quick favorite for a bite to eat if I’m in a rush or craving some soft shell tacos. Haven’t yet to try the quesaloupa but your review intrigues me. i know whats up next on my to eat list now!


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