Pics from my Instagram


I tried the Taco Bell Quesalupa last night at the 90. Iactually enjoyed it! There is cheese inside of the deep-fried shell. It wasnt your typical Mexican taco, but still pretty tasty!!


One of the reasons why I like Mi Pequena Hacienda so much- the tortillas!! This is where they make them in house and put the process on display. On the right is a picture of the tortilla in packs of threes waiting to be put with my fajitas!


Here was the entertainment at Mi Pequena Hacienda Sunday night. He was very good at singing. He walked around from table to table and asked if they would like a song. But I did think about the racial stereotypes and double standards.


My burrtio from Qdoba today. It was a queso chicken burrito with rice, black beans, chicken, queso, cheese, corn salsa, and salsa verde all nestled in a whole grain burrito!


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