Last Review of Ramirez’s

Exterior of restaurant

Ah a taco by any other name would taste just as good… but it wouldn’t be a Ramirez’s taco!! I have found a hidden treasure in Lexington, KY that I would’ve ever known about if I hadn’t taken WRD 422. I have been in the store and Señora Pati Ramirez even came to our class and shared her story and even some of her yummy tacos!

I have and this delicious food on four separate occasions. My by far favorites are the chicken taco, pastor taco and chicken burrito. I have tried the chicharrons, beef tongue, steak, and a sope. It was all tasty and honestly, would recommend anything there!! The tortillas make a huge impact and will alter your tortilla life.

I highly highly recommend Tortilleria y Taqueria Ramirez to everyone! It is a family owned restaurant and such  refreshing place in a world filled with Taco Bell and chain Mexican restaurants. Each taco is supported by fresh house-made corn tortillas (made the old fashioned way) and are incredible! If you want, you can even take a pack home with you for a very inexpensive price!

The first time I went there I had no ice show to order or to sit down first or anything. So, let me give you the low down…

Interior of restaurant
  • Go in and take a seat wherever you would like! The whole place is filled with retro booths.
  • Then wait for  a waitress to bring you menus and she will take your order.
    • I would recommend trying a Jarrito (Mexican soda with varying flavors and are very tasty!)
  • Then pick out what seems appealing to you and then order with the waitress
  • Wait anxiously for your food and then enjoy all the fresh flavors!

I could eat here everyday and thoroughly enjoy it! All I can say is to try something new and it might surprise you and it could be your new favorite restaurant!


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